We’re Back! Happy New Year From One Voice

The special occasion champagne flutes have been long tucked away in the china press filled with pretty things that go ever untouched and the newness of the new year burned clean by January 2. If you are a black woman in America and have watched the news for any length of time, it’s possible you were triggered by the stories of physical and sexual violence … Continue reading We’re Back! Happy New Year From One Voice

Tanesha Peeples – Chicago

Tanesha Peeples is the Deputy Director of Outreach for Education Post. She was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, is a Chicago Public Schools alumna and proud Englewoodian. As an undergraduate student at Northern Illinois University, Tanesha began to develop a passion for and understand the importance of public service. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree in political science and public administration, she … Continue reading Tanesha Peeples – Chicago

I Have A Dream

This isn’t about equity anymore. It’s about educational justice and freedom. Black kids are set up for failure at day one. They walk into their kindergarten classroom with optimism, excitement, a sense of being a “big boy” or a “big girl” and most importantly, dreams. But throughout their educational career, those dreams are crushed or marred by falsehoods, traumatic experiences and empty promises. Our communities … Continue reading I Have A Dream

One Voice Is Back With A Vengence

Happy September! One Voice took a brief hiatus and we are back – with a vengeance! Back like Beyonce after having twins, the Black Panther after battling Killmonger, and Serena Williams every single time she hits the court. Speaking of Serena, our sister-of-the-court was again the subject of some crazy blatant discrimination and the world watched as Queen Williams, in a display of Black Woman … Continue reading One Voice Is Back With A Vengence