One Voice Is Back With A Vengence

Happy September!

One Voice took a brief hiatus and we are back – with a vengeance! Back like Beyonce after having twins, the Black Panther after battling Killmonger, and Serena Williams every single time she hits the court.

Speaking of Serena, our sister-of-the-court was again the subject of some crazy blatant discrimination and the world watched as Queen Williams, in a display of Black Woman Power, stood her ground. Then, in a move that epitomizes Black Woman Magic, Serena the crowd favorite stood up for her opponent who played a great match and earnestly earned the win.

In this issue of One Voice Blog Magazine, we’re talking equity — however, One Voice founding member Dia L. Jones found great inspiration from the Serena story and bounced from equity, sort of. But if you think about it, even though Serena is the Greatest Of All Time she enters the court having to defend against more than her opponent’s shot, she also fights for her womanhood and her blackness, her Black womanhood — giving her opponent a slight mental advantage. That’s real talk.

Real talk about issues of equity is what One Voice founding member Bernita Bradley says must happen but first, we must name the problem. Vesia Hawkins talks the insidious nature of “who you know” as injury to equity. Social capital is a weapon of privilege that pushes others to the back of the line.

We are pleased to welcome this month’s guest bloggers and friends of One Voice who jumped at the opportunity to share their views on equity. Educator Shawnta S. Barnes gets real about the effects of integration in education. Erika Sanzi, a former teacher, sees the glaring disparities in our schools calls for all interested parties to work together. Tanesha Peeples, ever the community activist, is all about educational justice and freedom.

We hope you enjoy this month’s issue!

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