Let’s do an exercise, shall we?

Take an inventory of your professional and social capital. Think about the people you invite into your home, those with whom you dine, the talent you’ve hired, and the thought-sources around The Table. We’ll come back to this.

America was founded on the words “We the people” and would later underline America’s mission of oneness by proclaiming “one nation under God”. Ironically, Black and indigenous people have been fighting to get some of that “one nation” action since before the notion that everyone living under the American flag should pledge their love to it, whether or not the Stars and Stripes loved them back. Whether or not the red, white, and blue included them.

Inclusion. The act of including.

America has not been honest with us. “We the people” is not all-inclusive. The first dwellers, American Indians, are still fighting to honor their ancestors and protect their land; to be valued. Blacks in America are fighting just to breathe, to coexist in an America that sees them as targets, threats, and disposable. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual, and Queer (LGBTQ) frantically wave the rainbow flag to call out America’s feigned blindness. Latinx, Muslims, immigrants, people with special needs, the poor and Black Women — all are clamoring to be seen and dying to be heard.

One group that is in constant outsider-status is Black Women. Everything about us is on trial: intellect, beauty, talk, write, walk, how we give love, how we receive love, parenting, golf, and even how we order food at the Waffle House. Because we are so harshly pre-judged, inclusion is but an illusion. One Voice was formed to honor our worth via our individual and collective voices. Enjoy our May edition on inclusion that highlights the necessity of diversity of thought — while punctuating the value of Black Women at Every Table.

So, let’s go back to the exercise.

Who’s sitting at your table?

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