One Voice Talks the Right to a High-Quality Education No Matter the School

It’s National School Choice Week and One Voice believes that every student should have access to a high-quality school. Period.

So we are honoring the week through the lens of educational equity – which, for us, is neither new nor a week-long jaunt.  We do this work every single day.

Check us out:

Dia L. Jones, PA

“Parent choice is a choice for educational freedom. Freedom, my brothers and sisters! Freedom for parents to enroll their children into the school of their choice despite location, race, ethnicity, gender, religious affiliation, income, sexual orientation, sexual choice, nationality or disability.”

Kerry-Ann Royes, FL

“…BCPS understands that traditional public education is now a part of a consumer marketplace. Parents have choices and BCPS is a real quality option for many, but not the monopoly.”

“Let’s just have some very real talk. There is absolutely no reason why we continue to sacrifice our children’s safety and innocence as children within any school that we know fails to equitably educate them.

gwen head shot 11417
Gwen Samuel, CT

“If you don’t believe nothing else I say – please believe this – our Black, brown and poor babies matter too, and we, as parents of color and the poor will stop at nothing to ensure they reach their fullest God given potential.”



Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 1.40.06 PM
Dr. Kelli Seaton, PA

“Here is the bottom line, if we sign up to work in a school or environment where the population has been historically underserved, we need to come to the table having honestly answered these questions. And if for some reason, we’ve answered no to one (or all) of these questions, does that mean you aren’t cut out for urban education?



“From in the womb, I told my baby that he was a king and a descendant of kings. I read to him. I sang to him. I prayed over his precious life. When he was born and throughout his life, his family — nuclear and extended — gave him the tools he needed to see his success as the only option for not only him, but for those whom God places throughout his life in his sphere of influence.”


“If there is an NSCW parade, the grand marshals should be parents who, by selecting the school that best fits, are making their first, best investment in their child’s educational lives. As a matter of fact, let’s just call it National Parent Educational Selection Week!”

Parents Deserve the Praises During Week of Celebrating School Choice

Bernita Bradley, MI

“I am an advocate for both sides but when you force parents to choose you may lose! I don’t have time to sacrifice my child’s education while you figure out your teacher shortages, what parents want (we’ve said it a million times), or if what you are putting in place will help my child be academically prepared by 12th grade. I am not a perfect parent rather charter or public school. My child is late often and I don’t attend every meeting. But I still won’t be guilted into your war. Now can we all work towards better Traditional Public and Charter Schools?”


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