Introducing One Voice with a Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.


Welcome to One Voice!

We are a group of education advocates, from New York to Miami, with diverse perspectives on the nation’s education of students of color, in general, and black students in particular.

We are in schools, traditional and charter. We are community leaders. We are bloggers.

We believe in the power of our voices, collectively and individually.

So we offer to you this blog magazine to share the good and great, introduce and inform, critique and celebrate.

Launching Loud and Proud – Thanks, Dr. King!

The January launch of One Voice is intentional as we are serious about starting 2018 with loads of #bossbehavior! Additionally, each blogger is influenced by the service of the inimitable Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., so in the January 2018 inaugural edition of One Voice, each blogger shares her favorite quote(s) and its impact personally and professionally.

For instance, professor of love/peace/STEM Dia Jones‘ favorite quote defines the ultimate measure of a man while Dr. Kelli Seaton, educator extraordinaire, channels Dr. King’s message on the purpose of education. Meanwhile, legislative warrior, Gwen Samuel, gets her inspiration from Dr. King’s 1963 speech on law and morality. Speak Ya Truth blogger Vivett Dukes, teacher-leader and inmate rights advocate follows Dr. King’s lead in placing love above all else. Finally, community leader Bernita Bradley, businesswoman Kerry-Ann Royes and school choice advocate Vesia Wilson-Hawkins each draw inspiration from Dr. King’s message on the power of one’s voice and, conversely, the tragedy of silence.

dr-martin-luther-king-- pensiveTo wit, we are aware of the power and necessity of our voices because of Dr. King and the warriors that followed in his footsteps. That our melanin-infused points of view, often dismissed and undervalued, will be the change we wish to see.

And as the great Oprah Winfrey stated in her Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award speech on January 7, 2018, “Speaking your truth is the greatest tool we all have.”

Welcome to One Voice. We hope you join us.


Yours in Truth and Power,

Bernita Bradley, MI
Vivette Dukes, NY
Dia L. Jones, PA
Kerry-Ann Royes, FL
gwen head shot 11417
Gwen Samuel, CT
Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 1.40.06 PM
Dr. Kelli Seaton, PA
VHawkins Headshot
Vesia Wilson-Hawkins, TN


2 thoughts on “Introducing One Voice with a Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.

    1. Hello La Ruth!! I hope all is well. Thanks for your coming to see what we are all doing for our children and their education. You can keep abreast of what we are doing on our blog by liking it and signing up for information. You should receive updates when we post new material. We are also on Twitter @onevoiceblogmag. Please keep coming back to support us and fight with us for our children. Thanks a bunch and one love!!

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