Dr. Kelli N. Seaton – Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Seaton is an innovative, visionary, outcomes-oriented educational leader who is passionate about educational equity and social justice. She is committed to ensuring that children of color, particularly those living in urban areas, experience learning environments that actively embrace academic achievement, cultural proficiency, critical
consciousness, community activism, and healing practices.

Dr. Seaton studied English and secondary education at Howard University and earned an M.S. in School Counseling and Ph.D. in Secondary Administration and Supervision from Purdue University. Dr. Seaton was a Teach For America corps member and, the founding principal for Mastery Charter Schools Pickett Campus in Philadelphia. Later joining the Teach For America Greater Philadelphia team as the Vice President for Teacher Leadership Development.

Through her current work as a consultant, Dr. Seaton continues to be committed to understanding the relationship between privilege, oppression, and access and to amplifying the voices of Black and Brown children and families and of those from low-income backgrounds.

What is your favorite MLK quote?

The purpose of education is, as Dr. King noted, “to teach one to think intensively and to think critically…to sift and weigh evidence…to achieve with increasing facility the legitimate goals of his/her life.”

Why is this your favorite quote?

I think it thoroughly defines how schools, school network, school systems, parents, etc. should measure the degree to which they are successful in educating children.

When did this quote come to life for you?

When my thinking changed about culturally responsive education, from four outcomes to five, I was looking for an anchor for my thoughts.  This quote became my anchor.

Kelli also blogs at Urban Joy.

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